Financial marketers need nimble game plans for COVID-19 world

Wherever your institution is on the coronavirus crisis curve there will be communications decisions demanding tact, judgment and creativity. Everything must be run through a cautious filter to keep channels open so bank and credit union messages are heard.

One word comes up more these days than any other: “Unprecedented.” Even Google searches for the word have skyrocketed! Never in modern times has society ground to such a screeching halt as in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The implications for families and businesses are staggering, and financial institutions and those they serve are no exception.

Messaging Happens on Multiple Levels Now

If there is a single, overarching takeaway thus far for financial marketing communications professionals, it’s the democratization of messaging.

Under ordinary circumstances, the average bank or credit union has dozens or hundreds of audiences. Best practice, of course, is to segment by any number of attributes in order to finely tune and personalize communications that resonate with particular customers’ circumstances, habits and preferences. Financial marketers, especially in recent years, have invested heavily in tools and talent to improve marketing automation, insights and analysis in order to be able to build more data-driven and highly targeted messages.


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