Finding your why

As leaders, and as people, it’s important to recognize our true purpose in this world. As the coronavirus pandemic and its effects trudge toward a third year, it can be easy to become a bit jaded or possess a forward-thinking type of outlook in our day-to-day life. As leaders, we must step back and remember why we do what we do.

The process of reinvigorating that sense of belonging begins with finding your ‘why,’ or, according to a Tracking Happiness article, your truest, most genuine purpose in life. By asking the hard questions, you’re able to identify what you truly want out of life. So, how do you find your ‘why’?

Ask yourself the hard questions

You can find your ‘why’ by asking yourself deep-rooted questions. Through this practice, you are able to dig into the fundamental motivations behind your life choices. You’re also able to clearly recognize the elements in your life that serve you, and those that do not. Questions that you can ask yourself include:


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