Fintech authority Chris Skinner reveals keys to being true digital bank

The provocative banking influencer is fed up with those who consider traditional banking institutions too 'dumb' to adapt to a digital world. Key insights from his upcoming book prove that some institutions are well along the path of true digital transformation. For the rest, Skinner explains what they must do to stay relevant.

For the legions of Chris Skinner fans, don’t worry. He hasn’t gone soft. The veteran blogger and author of Digital Bank, ValueWeb, and Digital Human still believes the traditional banking model is broken. As he has said many times: In a globalized world of the digital distribution of data through cloud-based software and servers — in which teenagers who can code are creating the new world of finance — “the banking model is completely turned on its head.”

Banking executives who ignore these trends, thinking they can just keep things as they were, “are going to fail,” Skinner insists.

But over the past year the creator and writer of The Finanser daily blog and Non-Executive Director of 11:FS, has developed a contrarian view on the typical fintech-disruptor take on the future of banking.

“I got fed up with people bank bashing and saying banks are dumb and stupid and don’t get the idea of digital,” he tells The Financial Brand. That conviction prompted him to start research for a new book with the working title, “Doing Digital.” Scheduled to be published next year, it will profile the handful of banking providers in the U.S. and overseas that are doing digital transformation well.


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