Five big strategic shifts credit union CMOs must make

In a world dominated by mobile devices and digital channels, bank and credit union CMOs have to be flexible and accept that the same old strategies and tools aren’t working anymore — at least not as well as they used to. In a report by Martech, "CMOs at the Wheel," top execs from around the world explained how they are building the modern marketing organization. Here are five key takeaways.

1. Think Differently About Culture, Talent and Your Org Chart

Today’s top marketers are rethinking how they build their marketing teams. What is needed to tackle the challenges of digital disruption and address the demands of rapid growth?

Gone are the days when you could simply run ads, pay a good salary and recruit the best talent. Now it’s more like engineering a professional sports team, with the most versatile and agile marketing “athletes” making the cut.

In this new approach, the hierarchical org chart outlining distinct departments has evolved into a hub with many separate but equal stations that break down the customer journey to its basic principles. Every member of the team now has a vital role in understanding how to best engage customers wherever they are in the cycle. In short, everyone needs to be focused on CX.


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