Five things you might not know need updating on your website

Wow, your website looks amazing! It has a beautiful design that is very pleasing to the eyes. The look and feel are completely on-brand. The content is stellar, and your search engine optimization (SEO) mojo is top-notch. Your members love your site and can find all the information and support they need. You are killing it. You should kick back and enjoy that mocha caramel latte. You deserve it.

Well, maybe. Just like the mail, updates to your website never stop. Here are five behind-the-scenes components that make your website work that may need your attention. Hopefully, you are partnered with a good developer, IT firm, or web hosting company that helps you keep on top of these elements so can continue to focus on your amazing content and promotions that the members see.

Your website, or what most people consider to be your website—the look and feel that you and your members interact within the web browser—is really just the tip of the iceberg of what makes your website your website. There is a whole stack of layers that work in combination to bring your website online. These components need regular maintenance and updates to keep them current on security and features.

Here is a quick look at the components that make up a website stack.


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