From AI to Z: 26 ways artificial intelligence is transforming credit unions

It’s an exciting time to be in the financial institution sector and have a front row seat to the transformational changes artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing to this industry.

Feeling a little uncertain of where to begin with AI? Or maybe machine learning is already driving results for your credit union or bank and you’re unsure of your next move? Either way, there are plenty of learning opportunities in the classroom of innovation. Let’s talk (or read) about the ABCs of AI.

From A to Z, artificial intelligence is assisting financial institutions with their greatest work yet. Here’s how:

A is for automation. AI can learn and automate basic to advanced tasks, reducing the errors, inefficiencies, and delays that come with manual, human-run processes. As employees are busier than ever, automation reduces distractions and lets your employees focus on their role priorities.


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