How to fully recharge on your day off

When you have a day away from the office, how do you use your time? Do you stay in bed all day, run errands, or take a day trip? It can be hard for many of us to turn off our work and step away when we have a day off. But, it’s vital you remember to take care of yourself and truly take some personal time. You may think that vegging out and binging Netflix is the best way to relax, but actually there are other ways you can be productive and also fully relax and recharge those batteries.

Get up and go
Are you planning to run some errands on your day off? If so, your best option is to get up, get ready, and run your errands first thing. That way you aren’t spending the whole day doing things that you may not find particularly enjoyable. This is also a great way to avoid larger crowds and busy traffic that can occur during lunch hours or after work. Remember to not push yourself too hard, though; it’s okay if you don’t get every single thing done in one day.

Quiet down
A typical workplace can be quite noisy, even smaller offices with fewer employees. Take some time on your day off to really quiet down and tune out the noise around you. Even if you’re not one to meditate, just having some peace and quiet can really help you to feel balanced and centered on your personal day. Reading, working in the garden, or taking a walk are great ways to decompress and find solitude.

Move it
You don’t have to run a 5K on your day away from work. But, keeping your body moving will give you more energy and help you to move away from any work stresses you may still be thinking about outside the office. This is especially important for those that spend most of their day behind a desk. Take advantage of your free time and boost your endorphins by getting outdoors. Carry that positive energy you create with you all day and into the days to come at the office.


Wendy Moody

Wendy Moody

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