Helping Venezuelan refugees begin again

If you had to start from scratch in a completely new place, how would you do it? What would you need to survive? What would you need to thrive?

For millions of Venezuelans, these aren’t just hypothetical questions—they’re an everyday reality.

Venezuela has been in the midst of political turmoil and economic collapse for more than a decade. Millions of refugees have fled the country, seeking a new life in other parts of South America. As conditions in Venezuela have continued to deteriorate, what many had hoped was a temporary displacement has since become a permanent resettlement.

Humanitarian aid for new arrivals is specific and acute: refugees need necessities like food and water, shelter and sanitation. Support to resettle and establish a new life is different. Long-term refugees need tools to integrate into their new community, such as help with job placement and skills training, support for entrepreneurial endeavors, and access to financial services.


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