How to prevent identity theft: 5 tips to protect yourself

78% of Americans are concerned about sharing their personal information online, according to our Q2 2023 Consumer Pulse survey. And it’s with good reason — that same survey found that 42% of all Americans have been targeted by or become victims of digital fraud schemes in the last three months. It’s smart to be cautious when online and sharing information, but you don’t need to be on edge.

Here are some simple tips to help prevent identity theft:

1. Monitor your credit report for changes

Reading and understanding your credit report information is important in the fight against ID theft. You can get a credit report for free each week at Depending on the number of accounts you have and your credit activity, your credit report can be updated frequently. Be on the lookout for any accounts or information that looks unusual. If you’re unsure about an account or creditor name, contact the creditor directly for details.


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