Inside Marketing: How to adjust your strategy during COVID-19

Examine and adapt your marketing campaigns effectively by focusing on these four areas.

Worries of an economic recession loom as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep across the globe. While the everyday routines and the future of your credit union may be uncertain, it is possible to prepare for a successful recovery when normalcy returns. Businesses that adjust their marketing strategy during financial unrest are more likely to rise above businesses that simply cut their marketing department during difficult times.

Executing your marketing strategy successfully in today’s environment requires the swift adaptation of your products, tone and messaging. If you leverage the following strategies in the short term, it will be easier for your credit union to prosper in the long term.

Products & Services

Take a look at what products and services you are (or were) scheduled to introduce. Are any of these products currently inappropriate to release during a pandemic?

It’s important to remember that people have a lot on their minds. The coronavirus has changed the way we work and socialize—even how we wash our hands.


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