Make your CU website pay: getting to know your members

Your credit union’s website isn’t just a glowing brochure; it should be the hub of your marketing, an engine for growth, and a no-brainer investment, that makes a big difference in the bottom line. But how do you actually make that happen?

This is the first post in a “Make your CU website pay” series exploring that question, and giving some practical, usable advice and solutions.

Today we’re going to explore ways to get to know your members and your website visitors better by using Google Analytics and other sources of data. After all, your website can and should be a gold mine of data on what your members want and need, so here are a few ways to get more data and get better data you can actually use:

Stop tracking hits and views

Are you tracking metrics that actually matter? Re-think your strategy around Analytics to make sure you’re only paying attention to data that really makes a difference. This falls into two broad, often overlapping categories:


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