Managing social media during a core conversion

If your credit union utilizes any social media platforms and you’re undertaking a core conversion (or any major technology upgrade for that matter), then this article is for you! Planning, organizing, executing, and monitoring social media activities and campaigns during the conversion process is an important part of the overall management of that project.

Plan your content weeks before the conversion

Conversion social media project management can encompass a wide range of tasks like content creation, scheduling, and user engagement. Depending upon the tools at your disposal, for some, it could even include analytics and reporting.

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, or ALL of them, consistent posting is the key to maintaining an engaged following during this critical time. Developing a well-planned content calendar can be vital in order to maintain a regular posting schedule and audience engagement.

We recommend organizing and visualizing your content plan including the types of posts (graphics/images, text, videos, or links), posting frequency, and ideal publication times. The content calendar or timeline will assist you in scheduling posts, stories, videos, etc. which will enable your credit union to achieve optimal visibility and engagement from your published content.


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