Marketing for credit unions in 2018

Credit Unions are offering a service instead of a tangible product so it can be challenging to think of new and creative promotions. Marketing for credit unions in 2018 requires a different approach than that of a company selling appliances, computers, or physical items that the consumer can touch and feel.

To keep up with the fast-moving technology and trends in marketing today, it is important to also keep an eye on the past. A new strategy combined with forecasting trends can help keep your credit union and its members moving towards the future.

Marketing for Credit Unions – Both Locally and Online

When marketing for credit unions, it doesn’t have to be an either/or approach. Both sides of credit unions (physical branches and online sites) need to be brought to the attention of its members. Do they know that your credit union has a smartphone app? Are they aware that they can get cashier checks or safe deposit boxes at your local branch?


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