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Why financial institutions should offer automated loan skips

Financial hardship can strike anyone, often without warning. Unexpected expenses can disrupt even the most carefully planned budgets, leaving individuals grappling with the tough challenge of meeting urgent financial obligations. For many, the inability to [...]

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New rule could force federal credit unions to divulge CEO salaries

The National Credit Union Administration is considering issuing a proposed rule that would require federal credit unions to provide information on executive compensation to their members. The rule would require information similar to what state-chartered [...]

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Why isn’t the NCUA chartering more de novos?

The number of credit unions in the U.S. continues to shrink, and few new organizations are entering the landscape to replace those that merged or closed. Case in point: There were 4,604 federally [...]

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4 financial tools to help your account holders manage money better

In the dynamic world of digital banking, financial tools serve as a backbone, revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses manage their finances. Digitalization has ushered in multiple tools that make money management more accessible and [...]

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Connecticut credit unions finalize 2025 merger plans

Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union in Rocky Hill and First Bristol Federal Credit Union in Hartford said this week that First Bristol members approved the merger of the two institutions. It was the final hurdle [...]

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CU-bank deals on pace to shatter all-time record volume

Few issues raise the ire of community bankers as much as credit unions buying banks. And with the halfway mark of the year right around the corner, 2024 is on pace to obliterate the previous [...]

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Diamond Credit Union selects Tyfone for digital banking services

Digital banking provider Tyfone today announced Diamond Credit Union (Diamond) has selected its nFinia® Digital Banking platform for commercial and retail account holders. Diamond selected the platform for its configurability and ability to meet the [...]

OUCU Financial Credit Union selects Tyfone for banking platform

Digital banking provider Tyfone today announced that OUCU Financial Credit Union (OUCU Financial) in Athens, Ohio, is the first Cubus One Digital Banking customer converting to Tyfone’s nFinia® Digital Banking Solutions. Tyfone and Cubus [...]

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Latest Media from Tyfone