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Navigating member communication preferences

According to recent statistics, communication methods vary by generation with Baby Boomers preferring face-to-face, Gen X leaning toward email and social apps, Millennials liking 2-way text or chat, and Gen Z voice memos.  With such [...]

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Plaid – why do credit unions need it?

Plaid serves as a bridge between credit unions and financial apps, facilitating the exchange of account data, including account balances and transactions.  On today’s episode, our host Jami Jennings, VisiFI’s Vice President of [...]

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Real-time payments: A must have for credit unions

In a financial world that demands rapid responses and seamless transactions, Real-Time Payments have become a necessity for credit unions looking to thrive and retain their members.  In this episode, our host Jami Jennings, VisiFI’[...]

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Cryptocurrency – A new way to do what we have always done

On today’s episode, we delve into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency, a rapidly growing and transformative technology.  With an estimated 46 million Americans now owning cryptocurrencies, it’s clear that this digital asset class [...]

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Buy local, spend local

MembersOwn Credit Union’s Buy Local, Spend Local program is designed to increase the support of local businesses while increasing the usage of the credit union’s debit cards.  Tune in to today’s episode [...]

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VisiFI and AACUC announce new corporate partnership

VisiFI, a thought leader in the Financial Services’ technology arena leading the change through digital transformation, and the African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) announced a new partnership to help credit union partners complete the circuit [...]

VisiFI announces new mobile payments service

VisiFI, a Deda Group company and thought leader for fintech solutions, announced its next step towards further offering new mobile payment options, expanding its services in this area through its partnership with CO-OP Financial Services ([...]

VisiFI launches Real-Time General Ledger

VisiFI, a Dedagroup company and thought leader for fintech solutions, has launched its unique Real-Time General Ledger (Real-Time GL) solution for the first time in the United States. VisiFI’s solution is the only Real-Time [...]

Dedagroup introduces VisiFI

Dedagroup introduces VisiFI as the new brand identity for its companies operating in the U.S. Financial Institutions market. This introduction is just the first move of Dedagroup’s broader strategic initiative that will be [...]

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