VisiFI launches Design Your Branch through New Digital Banking Solution

Plug and Play feature enables Credit Unions to connect with Millennials and Gen Z

BIRMINGHAM, AL (May 18, 2021) — VisiFI, a Deda Group company and thought leader for fintech solutions, announced its unique Design Your Branch app along with the relaunch of its Digital Banking Solution. This innovative solution will help Credit Unions attract, engage, and retain younger generations by providing the high-quality, high-speed digital banking platform Millennials and Gen Z require. The market-driven Plug and Play feature allows Credit Unions to design their own application and customize their digital banking solutions while elevating their brand image.

The VisiFI digital banking platform is an all-in-one standalone solution that simplifies the digital transformation of credit unions from brick and mortar to a digital store front. The solution creates a real-time, virtual experience for Credit Union members through a design that uses behavioral science techniques and a member-centric approach to enable Credit Unions to align with younger generations.

“We know that younger generations want high-quality digital service and money management tools at their fingertips,” said Robin Kolvek, Chief Executive Officer at VisiFI. “Our solution allows Credit Unions to connect with these generations by meeting these needs. Credit Unions can now engage with their customers through a customizable digital experience.”

Design Your Branch creates a new way for Credit Unions to service their members and adapt to change, ultimately simplifying the digital transformation process through a marketing-driven approach.

VisiFI’s back-end pillars support the virtual credit union through a fully integrated ecosystem, streamlined transaction flow, and omnichannel strategies. Credit Unions will work with a UX/UI design team to continually create, update and innovate their technology solutions.

“Our solution helps Credit Unions become fintechs, while preserving their heart,” said Roger Wiley, Chief Revenue Officer at VisiFI. “We are thrilled to offer this one-of-a-kind feature that gives Credit Unions the ability to adapt and the power to connect with their members in a new and exciting way.”

Learn more about VisiFI’s Digital Solutions here.

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