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All-encompassing education powered by FinLit

The Zogo app was created to be an ever-evolving source of information, education, and opportunity. Lately, the team has been bringing a wide scope of new content to the app’s over 1 million users. [...]

- by Zephyr Jaeger, Zogo

The necessity of focusing on accessibility

Access to financial opportunities, wellness, and literacy is crucial for everyone, yet there are huge discrepancies among demographics when it comes to those matters. Low financial literacy, which is essential knowledge about important financial topics [...]

- by Zephyr Jaeger, Zogo

Keeping up with the consistency of change

As a credit union (CU), you’re so much more than a place where people store their money. Your institution is a place of enlightenment, support, opportunity, and growth, and those qualities are always in [...]

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The modern needs of modern members

The transition to the digital world has inevitably accelerated in recent decades, yet we’re all still working to stay up-to-date on the latest technological offerings and integrate them into our personal and professional lives. [...]

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Honor Credit Union partners with Zogo

Honor Credit Union has partnered with Zogo, a leading financial technology company, to bring Zogo's app to its account holders and families. The app, developed by a group of Duke University students, guides users through [...]

Zogo presents free webinar this Wednesday

Zogo presents a free webinar to learn more about the financial trends of Gen Z. This virtual event titled, “Get to Know Gen Z” will be held Wednesday, May 11, 2022, at 1pm EDT and [...]

Zogo announces free webinar on getting to know Gen Z

Zogo is thrilled to announce an upcoming free webinar for credit union leaders interested in learning more about the financial trends of Gen Z. The virtual event titled, “Get to Know Gen Z” is scheduled [...]