C. Myers publishes article on business model optimization

C. myers corporation, a national leader in strategy and real-timeALM decision information, has released an articleentitled, Success Tomorrow Depends on Business Model Decisions Today.

Successful businesses will need to understand and deliver on the optimal business model of the future.  Financial institutions will have to clearly articulate the products, services, and experience they will be exceptional at, as well as what will not be their focus.  Optimizing the business model allows maximum focus and maximum utilization of the financial institution’s limited resources.

“Indications are that the speed of change will continue to increase.  Consumers are increasingly comparing their experiences outside the industry and expecting similar experiences with their financial institution,” said Adam Johnson, chief executive officer/principal, c. myers corporation.

“Non-traditional competition is targeting the more profitable parts of banking structures and their inefficiencies.  Some disruptors may even be willing to forego earnings, seeing greater value in the data and relationships they can acquire,” Johnson added.

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