Cabrillo Boasts Boosted Performance Using Corelation’s Core

SAN DIEGO — January 28, 2013 — After using Corelation’s KeyStone, the industry’s newest core processing system, for over a year now, Cabrillo Credit Union has experienced a tremendous boost in performance that has ultimately served its members well. KeyStone’s vendor agnostic capability (no niche programming languages to support) has also provided Cabrillo with the ability to pull from worldwide programming resources. This capability has given the credit union a myriad of technology solution possibilities for its members and staff.

“The KeyStone technology has enabled us to quickly develop reports to analyze our membership’s needs to deliver better services,” Cabrillo Credit Union CTO Frankie Duenas says, referring to the credit union’s member-centric focus. “It has allowed our staff to interact with the membership and accurately define their entire relationship with the credit union, which creates a closer bond for a clearer picture of their individual needs.”

Duenas is also impressed with the speed of the database. “Everything runs faster due to the new database architecture and the system takes full advantage of current hardware options such as multiple processors,” he says.

Here are some performance statistics to compare old core to new core (KeyStone):

Release load
Old Core: 4-6 hours of service interruption

KeyStone: 5 minutes with no service interruption


Old Core: 60 minutes

KeyStone: 5 minutes

Statement Processing

Old Core: 75 minutes

KeyStone: 5 minutes

Overall, Corelation’s KeyStone core processing system has already opened the necessary doors for Cabrillo to start taking advantage of today’s web and mobile technologies that will allow it to address its members’ future needs. This objective will ultimately enhance the credit union’s value with its members by offering the latest financial technology services, which equals to a deeper, 1-to-1 relationship.

“Asset size doesn’t tell the whole story for a credit union like it used to; it’s better gauged by their service offerings and the genetic makeup of each,” Duenas explains.  “With all that we offer, it was important that Corelation balance the accommodation of our immediate needs with the creation of a sustainable model for the future.  That has been done brilliantly.”

KeyStone will eventually allow the credit union to consolidate its multiple logins to each account down to one single login for multiple accounts. This capability will provide a tighter member-centric experience both from the user interface and member side perspectives – which will eventually enable the credit union to achieve a true 1-to-1 business intelligence, a dream of most – if not all – credit unions today.

“Cabrillo’s performance numbers are extremely impressive,” Corelation President Theresa Benavidez says. “In designing KeyStone, enhanced system performance was obviously one of our main goals, finding areas to improve that would ultimately result in more efficient processing and better member service. We look forward to what improvements KeyStone will bring Cabrillo in 2013.”

About Corelation, Inc.

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