Community Financial opens 49th student-run credit union

PLYMOUTH, MI (February 15, 2018) — Community Financial, in partnership with Rosedale Elementary, opened its 49th student-run credit union on January 30.  Rosedale will be the fourth Livonia Public School elementary to join the CFCU student-run credit union program alongside Kennedy Elementary, Webster Elementary, and Coolidge Elementary.

The student-run credit union is designed to support district curriculum. Each piece of the program, for volunteers and savers, helps to reinforce Core Competencies students are practicing in the classroom.  Students were introduced to the student-run credit union program during their kick off day on January 9. The kick off day introduces students to the concepts of goal setting, teamwork and distinguishing between needs and wants.

“Livonia Public Schools teaches 8 character elements that promote the development of well-rounded students,” said Rosedale Principal Paula Kohler. “Our involvement with Community Financial and the student-run credit union supports these traits. For example, student volunteers exhibit responsibility and confidence when working at our credit union.”

To be a student volunteer in the credit union, Rosedale’s fourth grade students fill out an application and go through an interview with a Community Financial team member. Student volunteers can serve in five different jobs: tellers, accountants, branch managers, computer operators, or marketing representatives.

Rosedale’s student-run credit union will have deposit days, or credit union days, once a month for the rest of the school year. The credit union responsibilities will be split between two 4th grade classes. Mrs. Casucci’s class will handle the first three deposit days. Mrs. Berrelez’s class will be responsible for the last three deposit days. A Community Financial representative is always present at any student run credit union deposit day along with parent and school staff volunteers.

The fourth grade students of Rosedale are certainly enthusiastic about their new responsibilities according to one of their teachers, Erin Casucci. “They are taking pride in having a job and extra responsibilities.  One student beamed while telling classmates about making an announcement over the PA system,” said Mrs. Casucci.

“This experience will influence these students in so many positive ways,” said Principal Kohler. “It is a joy to watch the student savers interact with the volunteers on a banking day.”

About Community Financial Credit Union

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