Credit union dumps core, gains third-party freedom

First American Credit Union Chief Operating Officer Phil Peters was fed up with his big corporate core provider’s inability to integrate with third party vendors that would best serve his members’ needs. And, he was tired of being charged for custom reports and other modest adjustments he felt should have been complementary.

So he went core shopping. After a lengthy search, the $107 million credit union selected CUProdigy.

“We no longer have to be limited in our third party searches,” Peters said. “Whatever is cutting edge, whatever you’re looking at, CUProdigy will find a way to integrate with it.”

Peters is a big supporter of CUSOs and said the people helping people culture at CUProdigy is responsible for the core’s superior functionality for credit unions.

“This core was clearly developed by credit union people who had an active hand in developing the software,” he said. “Everything from all my years of working in a variety of positions in operations that I would love to see in a core, it was there. It was remarkable.”

Peters even compared the functionality of CUProdigy’s core to having his own, in-house programmers … but at a much lower cost.

“Credit unions should have the ability to select the technology that delivers the best experience for their unique fields of membership,” CUProdigy CEO Anthony W. Montgomery said. “The cookie cutter solutions offered by the big, corporate cores shouldn’t be the only option, especially not at such inflated prices. Because we’re a CUSO, our focus is on serving our members, not generating profits.”

About First American Credit Union

Originally founded as Navajoland Credit Union, First American Credit Union serves the communities of Casa Grande, Tse Bonito, Sells, and Gallup regions of Southwest Arizona and New Mexico. This community-oriented, diverse cooperative welcomes members from all Native American tribes, as well as
all the different ethnicities that weave the colorful fabric of its beautiful, historical region. Additional information is available at

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