Credit union scholarship supports education

GLENDALE, AZ (February 11, 2015) — Credit Union West awarded Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) a $5,000 scholarship as part of an educational partnership. The scholarship fund provides additional financial assistance to students seeking to attend one of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs offered throughout the valley.

West-MEC provides real-world job training, leadership development and academic and technical training to over 21,000 students from 46 high schools. Their mission is to prepare students today for the careers of tomorrow. Financial support is needed for students who may otherwise not be able to pay for the program. “It is always good to offer support in the form of scholarship/grants to families in need so they don’t self-select out of career programs,” said Speranta Klees, counselor liaison at West-MEC. “All of us at West-MEC really appreciate [Credit Union West’s] support and advocacy.”

In addition to the scholarship, the credit union provides financial education workshops and shares best practices in job interviewing with students. Students will also have the opportunity to serve on a youth advisory panel for the credit union. “Investing in education is an important part of our mission,” sai

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