CUES Partners with Quantum Governance, L3C, to Boost Boards and Credit Union Governance

MADISON, WI — The Credit Union Executives Society is pleased to announce a partnership with Quantum Governance, L3C, an established leader in the arena of credit union and non-profit governance. This collaboration makes it possible for credit unions to improve the effectiveness of their boards to positively impact their members and the communities they serve.

Quantum Governance is noted for a proactive approach to board development customized for each credit union they serve. Clients benefit from in-depth knowledge delivered in an engaging, interactive manner.

“Good governance matters, as it can mean the difference between success and failure for a credit union,” said Chuck Fagan, CUES’ president/CEO. “To help hone your board’s program, CUES is excited to partner with Quantum Governance. They know governance inside and out because governance is what they do.”

“We are experienced in working with credit unions, and are eager to make more of an impact on the industry through our partnership with CUES,” said Michael G. Daigneault, CEO, Quantum Governance. “Investing in good governance will yield significant rewards for progressive credit unions that are committed to maximizing their performance.”

Daigneault adds, “Quantum Governance is truly unique in that we have it formed as an L3C—a new type of legal entity specifically designed as a low-profit limited liability organization dedicated to the public good. Our work is closely akin to the spirit of credit unions. A focal point of our organization’s efforts is to assist the credit union community in flourishing.”

Learn more about what Quantum Governance has to offer at ( ). For more information about CUES visit ( ). For more information about Quantum Governance, L3C, visit ( ).

The Credit Union Executives Society is a Madison, Wisconsin-based, independent, not-for-profit, international membership association for credit union executives. Its mission is to educate and develop credit union CEOs, directors and future leaders.

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