Geezeo launches partnership with King Fish Media to offer strategic digital content solutions

BRAINTREE, MA (March 16, 2016) — Geezeo, a leading provider of on-line Personal Financial Management (PFM) solutions for more than 400 financial institutions, has announced a new partnership with King Fish Media, a digital and content management agency headquartered in Beverly, MA.

“Between us, we’ve got remarkable core competencies,” says Bryan Clagett, Geezeo Chief Marketing Officer. “Geezeo offers the technology platform and marketing experience within financial services and King Fish brings the content management and strategy development, so we’re really enhancing the capabilities of our marketing division, Geezeo Interactive.” While many banks and credit unions work with traditional advertising agencies, the partnership between King Fish and Geezeo offers a unique combination of skills to financial institutions.

As financial institutions struggle to create a unique voice in the market, many are not leveraging their digital platforms to leverage and promote a more integrated experience for their customers. Geezeo’s PFM platform promotes a high level of engagement by creating a seamless interface that allows customers to view all of their financial accounts in one place. Customers become empowered because they have access to a robust set of financial tools including branded content to help them actively manage their spending and saving habits. Financial institutions gain access to a much richer set of data, allowing them to offer relevant products and solutions based on individual customer activity.

The new partnership with King Fish brings a strategic focus to content management and brand identity for the PFM platform and Geezeo Interactive’s agency clients. “It’s more than a simple content integration. It’s about helping a client look at digital differently,” says King Fish Media president Cam Brown. “Our goal is to help financial institutions build a unique tone and position so that they can engage more effectively with their customers with branded content that helps educate and inspire them based on financial interests and needs.”

“The role of the traditional brick-and-mortar bank is changing, and to stay relevant banks need to re-evaluate how they are using their digital platforms,” says Clagett. “In many, if not most, cases digital is becoming the “bank” to the consumer, so its presence should be greater and grander. It’s a powerful tool, and when used intelligently it can fundamentally change the way customers interact with their banks.

About Geezeo

Geezeo is a financial technology (Fintech) firm that enhances the digital banking experience via its white label retail and business digital financial management solutions. Almost 500  financial institutions leverage Geezeo’s integrated and unified personal financial management (PFM) solution. Purposely integrated within a financial institution’s online banking and mobile platforms, Geezeo helps empowers consumers and businesses to gain more financial control, better manage daily and long-term finances and reduce banking friction. To help financial institutions drive the digital shift, Geezeo leverages data within its Engagement Banking Marketing Platform resulting in relevant, data-driven content facilitating interaction between the FI and the online user.


Amy A. Hibbard, Geezeo, Communications Director

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