Unlocking next-level potential

As a market leader in the design + build industry, LEVEL5 knows that a rebrand is so much more than getting a new logo or fresh tagline. When done with strategic foresight, a rebrand is about a company investing in a new chapter of its story to reach the next level of its potential. And reaching new levels of potential is something LEVEL5 knows a thing or two about.

LEVEL5‘s team is made up of innovators in technology, consulting, real estate, design + build, and more. Every time LEVEL5 tackles a project, they push their partners to dream bigger and execute boldly in order to stand out in the competitive market. So LEVEL5 is uniquely positioned to understand the power of pivoting and the possibilities created by rebranding.

Aligning with its Predict, Plan, Build, and Grow model

LEVEL5 has spent the last two decades curating a comprehensive set of solutions designed to help credit unions experience meaningful growth. Its integrated roadmap to success empowers credit unions to predict, plan well, build smart, and grow up to 38% faster than their local competitors.

LEVEL5 has no interest in being average, and the credit unions with whom they partner have no interest in being ordinary. That’s why LEVEL5 infuses creativity and ingenuity into every phase of its process. Time and time again, they’ve experienced how thinking (and building) outside the box is the differentiator that creates lasting impact for their partners as well as their members. They’ve invested countless hours empowering credit unions to push the envelope to promote their growth, and this rebrand really allowed LEVEL5 to put its money where its mouth is, in terms of pushing the envelope to foster its own next-level of success.

Reflecting on its commitment to evolve

In this digital age, where first impressions are usually formed online, a well-executed brand is more important than ever. LEVEL5 sees its rebrand as an exciting opportunity to clarify its message and offerings in a way that meets the current moment. LEVEL5 is proud that its cohesive and polished brand identity conveys its values, its services, and its creative prowess—qualities that build trust and productive partnerships.

Every aspect of the fresh look and feel and elevated messaging really embodies who LEVEL5 is and where they’re going. The entire rebrand is sophisticated, clarifying, and heartfelt. It reflects LEVEL5’s commitment to constantly adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of their partners and their communities.

Embracing a rich history of excellence

With all this talk about transformation, it’s important to highlight that some things haven’t changed. LEVEL5’s tried-and-true process is the same. From strategy and tech to site selection, design, and build, LEVEL5 is committed to its proven process. Interested parties are encouraged to check out LEVEL5’s website to learn more about its services and how they can support the next level of growth.


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