Great Lakes Credit Union celebrates International Credit Union Day

BANNOCKBURN, IL (October 8, 2019) — Great Lakes Credit Union (GLCU) is excited to join 56,000 credit unions around the world in celebration of International Credit Union (ICU) Day® on October 17, 2019. With more than 200+ million credit union members around the world, GLCU is proud to join this festivity of the not-for-profit cooperative spirit that all credit unions share.

As part of the celebration, GLCU is inviting all to visit any GLCU location for refreshments, fun, and chances to win prizes on October 17!

In the spirit of ICU Day, more than 165 GLCU employees, families and friends are also participating in CU Kind Day on October 12, 2019 – a statewide initiative to spread kindness. GLCU employees are dedicating their day to serving their communities by volunteering for local charities, events, and organizations. CU Kind Day is a new initiative led by the Illinois Credit Union League, created to spread kindness and generate awareness for the good work credit unions do in their communities.

“Great Lakes Credit Union is excited to join fellow credit unions in support of our movement. Bringing awareness to the credit union difference is what this special day is all about. It’s our goal to celebrate those that have sacrificed so much in ensuring the credit union difference is realized by so many in our local communities. In part the message is also meant to engage non-credit union members by showcasing how credit unions like GLCU support our members and the communities we serve through our volunteering, community support, products / services and financial education. In fact, CU Kind Day will highlight credit union volunteers giving back to our local communities through our volunteer efforts. Annually, Great Lakes Credit Union’s volunteer board of directors, employees along with family and friends volunteer thousands of hours to non-profits in our communities in addition to help support various causes through partnerships including financial support, free financial literacy and HUD-funded housing counseling services. GLCU is one of sixteen credit unions nationally that offer this HUD-funded housing counseling service to anyone in our communities. This is an extension of our belief in giving back to those that need us most, even for those that are not members. This highlights the difference we make every day at Great Lakes Credit Union. I entered the credit union industry for the strong People Helping People philosophy that credit unions were founded upon and have never been let down by how credit unions continue to make a difference as a local non-profit cooperative.” said Steve Bugg, President/CEO of Great Lakes Credit Union.

Join us and celebrate a movement that concerns itself with the financial success of all people! For more information, please visit,

If you would like to learn more, or to schedule an interview with GLCU’s executive team please contact Donna Beltran at (847) 578-7331.

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