Hardin County Schools to launch Abound Credit Union’s financial education program for all 5th graders

RADCLIFF, KY (October 1, 2020) — Fifth grade students at all 13 public elementary schools in Hardin County will begin Abound Credit Union’s Financial Education Program this fall. During the 2019-2020 school year, three Hardin County Schools successfully participated in the financial education program.

“With financial literacy now required at the high school level, introducing these concepts at a younger age before students begin exploring career opportunities in middle school is vital and strengthens the vertical alignment of our curriculum,” says Greg Sutton, Chief Academic Officer for Hardin County Schools. “Last year’s pilot program in several of our elementary schools was a very positive experience, as teachers were able to make real-life connections for their 5th grade students through financial education. We look forward to building on that success moving forward.”

Abound’s Financial Education Program leverages technology and performance-based games to immerse students in real-life financial scenarios, a useful and relevant method of teaching during the transition to non-traditional instruction (NTI) last spring and the current hybrid schedule. The program will be offered on Wednesdays, as part of Hardin County Schools’ instructional enrichment and enhancement activities, during the nine weeks beginning October 13, 2020.

“Our Work Ethic Certification Program teaches high school students about getting a job and how important it is to make a living wage, but for many Americans an unexpected expense of $400 can be catastrophic,” says Terrie Morgan, Superintendent of Hardin County Schools. “We must educate our students about financial responsibility to ensure they understand how to manage their money effectively before they enter the workforce. Even some of our brightest young college students do not realize how detrimental taking on credit card debt can be for them long-term. The younger we start teaching financial education, the more likely students will be to share this valuable information with their families and establish better savings habits themselves. We’re dedicated to this initiative because instilling strong financial values now can benefit our students for life.”

“We’re so pleased to partner with Hardin County Schools to expand financial education by providing a high-quality, virtual learning platform along with training and technical support. Hardin County Schools’ dedication to this financial education program is critical to building financial knowledge and capability in our communities,” says Becky Ates, Executive Vice President, Abound Credit Union. “Empowering students to be smart financial decision makers early in their cognitive development can prove life changing as they enter adulthood.”

In addition to the financial education and training provided for youth, Abound Credit Union offers free online learning tools and resources for adults of all ages at

Terrie Morgan, Superintendent of Hardin County Schools (center) with two students who completed Abound’s Financial Education Program.

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