Honor Credit Union announces Lancer CU Student Credit Union

ST. JOSEPH, MI (October 1, 2013) — Opening this fall will be Honor Credit Union’s latest student credit union, Lancer CU.  Lancer CU will be the student credit union for Lakeshore Middle School, and will be ran by the student council with the supervision and guidance of Honor Credit Union’s Stevensville branch staff.  The student credit union will be open at Lakeshore Middle School during all lunch periods every Tuesday, beginning this October 29th.

Honor Credit Union’s student credit union program allows students to begin building an understanding of saving money.  Lancer CU will have the student council members as “employees,” allowing those students to gain valuable skills in responsibility, math, marketing, and management as they run the student credit union for their school.  Students at Lakeshore Middle School will have the opportunity to deposit money into their account every Tuesday, and will be able to see how easy saving can be.  Honor Credit Union has a rewards program for students as they make deposits, showing students how fun saving can be, as well.

“We are so excited to start Lancer CU,” comments Stevenville branch manager Tanya Urias, “Working with the students on managing the student credit union and making deposits is an extremely rewarding experience.”

Honor Credit Union currently operates over fifteen student credit unions throughout their branch markets.  Honor Credit Union is proud to serve more than 41,000 members over fourteen counties in Michigan.  Providing solutions for financial success and giving back to the communities they serve remain the driving forces behind Honor Credit Union.  For more information call 800.442.2800, or visit

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