Illinois Credit Union League rolls out digital cybersecurity training platform by BrightWise

Training educates credit union staff on the increasingly sophisticated cyber traps set just for them

DES MOINES, IA (October 1, 2019) — A partnership between BrightWise and the Illinois Credit Union League will make online cybersecurity training more accessible to Illinois credit unions. This move is part of the Illinois Credit Union League’s wider mission to support the credit union movement in Illinois by bringing together the latest technology and resources to help credit unions succeed.

BrightWise delivers cybersecurity training through an online learning management system. The tool gives credit union employees access to short and engaging training videos (3-5 minutes in length), quizzes, documentation, webinars and gamified features. New training content is added monthly.

Credit union affiliates of the Illinois Credit Union League will be provided member pricing, which will enable credit unions of all sizes to participate in this innovative training platform.

The BrightWise platform gives credit unions a practical, affordable – and entertaining – way to educate staff on cyber safe behaviors. The on-demand approach BrightWise has applied to its training model gives credit unions access to engaging, action-oriented content in brief intervals when it suits their schedules.

“Part of our purpose is to educate and inform credit union employees on a number of fronts so they can help members thrive financially,” said Patrick Basler, EVP/COO of the Illinois Credit Union League. “We recognize that an effective cybersecurity program begins with an informed employee base. We expect our member credit unions will not only love the experience, but will appreciate the results, as well.”

“Front-line staff are under constant assault from cyber actors looking for an easy way into a credit union’s system,” said BrightWise COO Corey Skadburg. “It’s no longer enough to rely solely on the IT and infosec leaders to keep credit unions locked down. Employees at all levels need to be confident in their cyber awareness and cyber safe behaviors so they can stop an attack before it results in an intrusion.”

The BrightWise platform is designed to:

  • Engage. A lighthearted, interactive learning journey engages the employee.
  • Educate. Simple and understandable cybersecurity training makes employees wise to cyberthreats.
  • Empower. The end-goal is to create empowered employees who are alert and ready to be the first line of defense against cyberattacks

About BrightWise

BrightWise was formed as a joint venture with Affiliates Management Company and LMG Security. The firm, led by CEO Sherri Davidoff, an MIT graduate turned “hacker for good,” helps organizations engage, educate and empower employees on how to deal with cybersecurity threats. Online training courses for front-line associates provide meaningful content to raise threat and vulnerability awareness while also engaging employees to become their organizations’ first line of defense against cyber threats. To learn more, visit or follow the company on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

About the Illinois Credit Union League

The Illinois Credit Union League is the primary trade association for more than 260 state and federal credit unions in Illinois. It focuses on providing legislative and regulatory advocacy, compliance assistance and information, and a wide range of educational and training services to those credit unions, who in turn serve approximately 3.4 million members. More information can be found at or contact Christie Fearnley (for Illinois Credit Union League), 630-983-3454,


Sherri Davidoff

Kelly Moore (for BrightWise)

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