Kenya’s Presidential Election in Sight, CUs Reflect on Work to Promote Economic Stability in the Country

Kenya’s Ambassador to the United States recognizes World Council and CUs for their contributions

WASHINGTON, DC — Kenya’s ambassador to the United States, Elkanah Odembo, recognized 60 U.S. credit union representatives during a reception at the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, D.C., last week for their work to improve Kenya’s economic stability in a region hit hard by post-election violence in 2007. With a new presidential election on the horizon in Kenya, Odembo expressed his appreciation for the partnership between credit unions in Kenya and in the United States and for the difference they make in Kenyans’ lives.

Soon after ethnic clashes left more than a thousand people dead following the 2007 presidential election, World Council of Credit Unions began providing assistance to Busia Compassionate Centre, an orphanage in western Kenya, through the support of the international credit union community. World Council initially worked with the orphanage as part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture-funded program in western Kenya that extended local credit union financing to small farmers, families and caretakers affected by HIV/AIDS.

When the program ended in 2010, World Council and the global credit union movement continued to support Busia Compassionate Centre. Credit unions financed educational scholarships and taught caretakers and orphans how to grow crops and raise animals to provide better nutrition and a source of income. As part of the effort to move the orphanage to a position of self-sustainability, credit unions have supported construction of a safer and more secure facility for the orphanage.

“I was touched when I visited the orphanage just over a year ago, playing Santa Claus for the kids,” said Bruce Foulke, president and CEO of American Heritage Federal Credit Union, which raised funds and donated items for the orphanage. “When I came back, I shared photos and stories with my staff, and they immediately embraced the opportunity to help the kids there.”

The orphanage’s local volunteers and children have also started a credit union to bring much-needed financial services to the Busia community. Donations from the international credit union system have helped subsidize start-up costs and provide tools and methodologies to establish the credit union. The credit union has been registered and is one of two digital credit unions operating in Kenya today, whereby members can access their accounts via cellphone technology.

“Through our work with Kenya’s savings and credit cooperatives, we were able to provide a sense of hope and security for people deeply affected by the post-election violence,” said Brian Branch, World Council president and CEO. “From the seeds of this work sprouted our partnership with the Busia Compassionate Centre, which has grown into a promising foundation for economic stability and growth in western Kenya. Millions of Kenyans streamed to the polls on Monday to cast their votes for a new president, and we are hopeful that this election will mark an era of greater prosperity for the country.”

The Global Women’s Leadership Network, a World Council initiative, is organizing an engagement program to Kenya, May 25 to June 4, 2013, to help launch the Busia Compassionate Centre’s credit union. Participants will learn about the Kenyan credit union system and life in rural Kenya as well as conduct credit union staff and board trainings. Visit to learn more and to register for the program.

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