Latest Akcelerant Lending Release Delivers on Promise of Innovation and Use of Technology Well Beyond Traditional Origination Platforms

MALVERN, PA (May 22, 2013) Akcelerant, a leading provider of software and services to the financial industry, has raised the bar in loan origination technology with its latest Akcelerant Framework product update.

In line with its corporate strategy, Akcelerant made a big splash a year and a half ago when it entered the loan origination arena with its flagship Framework product line. As planned, Akcelerant has since worked closely with influential, early adopting customers to collaborate on this release, building a solid foundation for this potential game changer.

One major enhancement is the addition of dynamic and powerful event processing to what has already been noted as the most advanced rules-based system available today. The Framework can now process intelligent, triggered actions automatically in the background, allowing lenders to focus their attention on other loan activities throughout the life-cycle of an application.

In addition, this release contains 50 new or enhanced features including:

  • Dynamic screen designer and publishing tools that allow financial institutions to adapt quickly when new regulations require changes in how information is displayed in the system
  • High performance processing that enables loan applications to be processed quickly and efficiently
  • Flexible notifications that allow financial institutions to customize and present information to system users during the application process
  •  “To-Do’s” that present application and non-application action items that can be either automatically or manually resolved
  • Control screen availability by user and customize panels, fields and grids to reflect a unique lending experience
  • Automatic processing and generation of cross-sell opportunities based on institution- specific policies

Customers are quickly migrating to this new release, and Akcelerant is certain that these product enhancements will be well-received and recognized as innovative advancements in technology by any financial institution who is evaluating loan origination platforms today.

About Akcelerant Software LLC
Akcelerant, located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of software and services to the financial industry through multiple product lines and relationships with best-of-breed service providers. Today, more than 500 financial institutions in North America are using Akcelerant technology. For more information about Akcelerant, visit

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