Latitude 32 Signs with your marketing co.

(November 2, 2012) Greenville, SC –Latitude 32 Credit Union, formerly Charleston Area Credit Union has chosen your marketing co. to provide support for marketing, staff development, and public relations.

Latitude 32 recently completed a name change and re-brand with the highly-sought after Weber Marketing Group. “We were highly impressed with process and work from Weber Marketing” said Brad Rustin, CEO of Latitude 32 Credit Union.  “With the name change and rebranding process completed, we’re happy to have your marketing co. on board to help with the next steps for our credit union” Rustin said.

“Our team is enthusiastic about working together with credit unions that are passionate about serving their members by focusing on their needs.” said Bo McDonald, President of your marketing co. “As usual the team at Weber Marketing has done an outstanding job with the rebrand of this credit union.  We don’t take lightly the work ahead of us.  We look forward to uncovering great ideas that will serve the members of Latitude 32 Credit Union.” McDonald said.

Latitude 32 is one of more than a dozen credit unions that have recently chosen your marketing co. to provide marketing, staff development, and public relations assistance.

your marketing co(YMC) was founded by founded by Bo McDonald, a veteran of major market media sales and programming at several large radio conglomerates including Clear Channel Radio and Citadel Broadcasting. After several years and requests from clients, Bo went out on his own to form his own marketing firm. Today, YMC has evolved into a boutique firm, serving only the needs of credit unions with marketing, staff development, and public relations services.

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