Millennial Vision Inc. announces Jack Henry Symitar SymExchange VIP integrations

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (October 17, 2019)Millennial Vision Inc. (MVi), a leading Laserfiche Solution Provider of Enterprise Content Management Solutions in the Financial Marketspace, is pleased to announce that the company is now a VIP with Jack Henry’s Symitar Episys ®SymExchange platform.

“MVi provides our Symitar customers with the deep expertise and innovations that make Digital Transformation a reality for customers,” said Bill Poulter, CEO of Millennial Vision Inc.

The SymExchange platform gives MVi the ability to further deepen its integrations with a world-class ECM solution that Laserfiche offers and will now provide Symitar customers with the ability to pull from and write back data into many of the Episys database through the use of enhanced Workflows and Business Process automation – not only with Episys but with other Enterprise Applications within the credit union, as well.

MVi continually strives to enhance its customers’ usage of Laserfiche along with industry-specific integrations that help them achieve True Digital Transformation in their daily operations and SymExchange allows the organization to improve on that objective continually.

Poulter adds that recent SymExchange integrations offered include the ability provide interactive email updates via MVi’s Wacom Sig Pad integrations, as well as updating members driver’s license information through its Hotkey program.

Additionally, MVi offers a complete Pre-Scan Teller Check 21 Solution that allows member checks to be scanned and checked for fraud if desired and then directly uploaded into the Episys Quest Teller platform, saving the teller from hand-keying in the checks.

“There are also many more integrations currently in place and in development for the future including the ability leverage the Episys Database within the built-in Laserfiche Forms applications platform,” Poulter added. “We are truly excited about what the future holds for our Symitar customers.”

Laserfiche Forms provides many pre-built applications such as Accounting A/R, A/P, and Expense Management, HR onboarding, Legal and IT applications and also many others that save MVi customers resource and development efforts.

Bill Poulter, CEO of Millennial Vision Inc.

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Millennial Vision Inc, MVi, is an award-winning Solution Provider of Laserfiche Enterprise Content and Document Management Solutions specializing in serving the Financial Community including over 200 Credit Unions and Banks located throughout the USA and the Caribbean. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. MVi provides its customers with enhanced integration capabilities with Laserfiche through MVi developed product integrations including: Electronic Signature Capture programs, Check 21 processing programs, Document Capture and tracking Programs and Laser Check Printing and Capture programs. To learn more, visit

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