NerdWallet Launches CEO Series on Small Business Lending

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (February 14, 2013) – NerdWallet, a personal finance website, has launched the CEO Series on Small Business Lending, a resource aimed at improving the information asymmetry between borrowers and small business lenders.

Despite an upturn in an economy that only recently stifled small businesses, lending remains increasingly complex and difficult to navigate. After interviewing over 30 CEOs at various lenders – including 10 credit unions – NerdWallet has developed a resource where everyday consumers can access candid and honest advice about small business financing.

NerdWallet’s CEO Series on Small Business Lending provides the following actionable tips and recommendations:

  • Key Learnings – four high-level themes of business lending
  • Financial Advice – how to navigate the evolving landscape of business lending and various financial institution types
  • Loan Advice – tips provided by CEOs on how to be a better loan candidate and increase the chances of getting approved
  • Lending Predictions for 2013 – where do credit union CEOs and executives see lending heading in 2013?

Many small business owners think of credit unions as for consumers primarily, and not for businesses. NerdWallet highlights the contribution that credit unions have made to commercial lending in the CEO Series on Small Business Lending. For more information about the series and to access all of the interviews click here.

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