New NB HotList Website Launched to Monitor Compliance and Risk Issues

FREDERICK, MD (May 30, 2013) A new website,, has been launched to monitor emerging issues in regulatory compliance and risk management for financial institutions.

Access to the website, operated by the new issues team of NeighborBench, our independent review and compliance monitoring solution, and NB Risk Partners, our independent consulting organization, is free and requires no registration.

“As part of our effort to stay abreast of new issues, we comb through a myriad of online resources every business day looking for the most pertinent and timely content,” said Ken Agle, President of NB Risk Partners, a Maryland-based consulting firm for financial institutions. “We write a very short synopsis about why that particular news story or commentary is significant and post a link back to the original content so that we can keep it on our radar.”

Agle said that while this daily research is part of NB Risk’s ongoing efforts to keep its products and services up to date, the two companies decided to open access to the site to others involved in compliance and risk management for their financial institutions.

“We appreciate that those involved in compliance and risk management often wear other hats as well at their financial institutions, which limits the time available to keep atop these issues,” said Agle. “It is our hope that if they visit NB Hotlist once each day, they’ll receive not only links to the most relevant content of the day, but some context as to why that particular article or blog post matters.”

The firms monitor what they consider to be the top 50 websites, including sites from regulatory agencies, associations, and industry observers.

“If someone has a site they think would be a useful addition to our tracking lists, the home page of includes a site submission form,” said Agle. “We are constantly revisiting the tracking lists to keep the content current and relevant.”

The two companies are headquartered in Frederick, Maryland. NeighborBench’s unique compliance solution combines the latest in automated tools with experienced professionals to help reduce the primary challenges of compliance: cost, time, resource requirements, and the disruptive nature of traditional consulting firm solutions. NB Risk Partners is a consulting firm with a team of subject matter experts with decades of experience leveraging technology to deliver risk assessment and mitigation services. Learn more about the companies at and

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