Ongoing Operations’ CEO Kirk Drake releases CU 2.0: A guide for credit unions competing in the digital age

HAGERSTOWN, MD (July 27, 2017) — Credit Union technology entrepreneur, Kirk Drake recently released a must-read handbook for every CU board member, CEO, and management team in America. The first and only book of its kind, CU 2.0:  A Guide for Credit Unions Competing in the Digital Age offers essential strategies for leveraging the latest technologies to facilitate organizational growth and foster more even competition with the banking industry. With the tools provided by Drake, the Credit Union of tomorrow will be better equipped to empower its employees, while giving its members the superior financial service they want and need.

In recent decades, Credit Unions have seen unprecedented threats, due in large part to an eighty-year-old business model and an inability to adapt quickly to a digital economy. Drake founded Credit Union 2.0 in 2016, a community to address industry roadblocks and provide credit unions with the tools, a playbook, and strategies they need to excite their members and ignite organizational vitality. With his knowledge gained from his 20+ years in the industry and information shared by dozens of respected Credit Union leaders in the Credit Union 2.0 community, Drake created a manual to assist CUs in reaching the next stage of their evolution.

“Credit Unions have a unique opportunity to become relevant to their communities again,” says Drake. “We (Credit Unions) must deliver accessible, convenient, and appealing digital solutions to our members. Even though Fintechs startups are targeting CU members, the cooperative model inherent to Credit Unions will help us compete in the digital age as long as we are open to providing what is necessary to our members in that realm. But we must do it now, and we must do it efficiently.”

Drake’s plan is to help credit union leaders revitalize their noble institutions, making them more competitive, more creative, more connected with their membership, and more in tune with the times. He combines digital strategies, marketing, communications, and technical know-how to help Credit Unions rise to their peak in increasingly challenging times by thinking differently as an organization while also being true to their roots.

About Ongoing Operations

Ongoing Operations (OGO) is a credit union-owned technology services provider committed to delivering thought leadership, resources, and solutions that help credit union executives and IT leaders align technology with business strategy, maximize their IT investment, and improve operational performance. OGO leverages a shared platform to empower credit unions to uniquely build and manage their technology so they can focus on their core business – providing their members with value-added financial services. OGO was founded in 2006 and is the trusted technology partner for credit unions, offering a range of managed information security, hosting, disaster recovery, and telecom solutions. Learn more at


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