Petersen Named Chief Service Officer

March 28, 2013 – Mortgage Cadence LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS), Document Services and Compliance for the financial services industry, announced today the promotion of Jacob Petersen to Chief Service Officer, effective immediately. Petersen, currently president of Finale Document Services, assumes front-line customer service responsibility for all Company product lines, including Orchestrator, Symphony, Prelude, Finale and Opus. He continues to lead Finale as well.

“Customer service is one of three tenets in our vision statement. This move puts additional emphasis on this important area. Creating a chief officer role that focuses on client service across all products supports our expanding organization as well as our greater prominence in the mortgage industry,” said Mortgage Cadence CEO Michael Detwiler.

Mortgage Cadence is well ahead of its plan from a new customer and product suite integration perspective since its acquisition of Prime Alliance last July. Leading mortgage lenders are positioning for the coming change in the market, where delivering a memorable borrowing experience while steadily increasing compliant efficiency are the essential elements of success. “Our customers rely on us for more than technology. Under Jacob Petersen’s leadership Mortgage Cadence will be known for its service as well as its solutions,” added Detwiler.

Petersen holds an MBA as well as Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics from Wayne State College. He has been leading customer service and quality control teams within the mortgage industry throughout his career, joining Mortgage Cadence in 2010. “Working with customers as part of their team and their success is what I enjoy most. I am also pleased by the opportunity to build a world-class team for our organization,” said Petersen.

About Mortgage Cadence LLC
Mortgage Cadence is the leading provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS), which employ an extensive financial services data model wrapped with a native rules engine to deliver data-driven workflow automation tools to mortgage banks, lenders, credit unions, service providers and servicers. Mortgage Cadence has developed enterprise solutions that integrate all functions and data elements required to optimize, manage and score lending performance. The mortgage industry is always shifting to meet demands and minimize risks. Mortgage Cadence’s flexible solutions continue to evolve to meet those needs. To learn more, please visit

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