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AUSTIN, TX (March 2, 2015) — A lot of people like to spend their money at locally owned businesses.Several local credit unions are rewarding customers for doing just that. The program is called Buzz Points. It’s as simple as using your credit union debit or credit card at any business but you get more points for spending your money at local businesses.

Sidelines is one of about 75 local businesses serving up rewards for the Buzz Points program.Eric Sitter is a co-owner of Sidelines, “Anytime people can come and visit and then get something back is of course a good thing.”

Great Lakes Credit Union is among the first to offer Buzz Points to its customers. David Seeger is the President and CEO,”People love it because they get rewarded for using their cards, for spending money.”

Here’s how it works. Seeger says credit union customers get points for every dollar spent but there is a bigger reward for buying local, “We will give more points for going to a local store as opposed to a big box store.”

According to Buzz Points, studies show that up to 58% of a local businesses profits stay in the community versus up to 33% with a national business. Sitter says there are definite benefits for the customer at a local business,”We think we can provide you with better quality and more personal service and we can make changes at a moment’s notice, instead of having to wait for corporate heads to make decisions like that.”

While the program adds up to savings for the customers, Sitter says it’s also generating business, “We’re already seeing an increase. We see people using the cards and we have been taking in a ton of gift cards from Buzz Points every day.”

Right now the Buzz Points program is up and running at Great Lakes and Directions Credit Unions. Midwest Community Federal Credit Union in Defiance is starting its Buzz Points program next week.

About Buzz Points

Buzz Points connects consumers, local businesses, and community financial institutions through an innovative rewards program that benefits all three parties. The Buzz Points Program enables credit unions and community banks to generate greater non-interest income, increase transactions, reduce account attrition, drive new loans and attract new customers, while gaining unique actionable data driven insights into consumer behaviors. The Buzz Points Merchant Program provides unique value to local business owners with opportunities to further invest in the program, attract new customers, increase loyalty, and to support the local community. Consumers benefit with rewards on every purchase, and 4X the points for purchases at local businesses.


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