Shruti Miyashiro chats culture, mission, resiliency and the new leader competencies

BOULDER CITY, NV (September 4, 2020) — The Ideas into Action Underground Chat series continues with Shruti Miyashiro, President/CEO of Orange County’s Credit Union and Susan Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates and Founder of the Underground discussing how change has accelerated at warp speed pushing adjustments in culture, mission and basic leadership competencies.

Join us as we bring together thought leadership with a true, authentic and unfiltered Underground voice and provide steps the industry can take today to #STANDUP for credit unions tomorrow. Three Ideas into Action:

  • Tech Competency: No longer are the days where your tech experts are siloed within a department of the organization. All employees need to develop a tech competency, especially the leaders.
  • Foundation of Resilience: Resiliency has quickly become a must-have tool for leaders but organizations should begin to create a foundation that builds it strategically, operationally and culturally.
  • Know Your Advisors: Advisors live outside the organization and are subject matter experts that can eliminate a myopic viewpoint and share what is happening across a broader landscape.

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About The Underground Community

The Underground Community, founded by Susan Mitchell of Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates, is an authentic voice of the credit union movement facilitated by industry thought leaders. We drive change, encourage diverse opinions, and force off-record discussions to become on-record initiatives. The hundreds of Underground Colliders believe through incremental, grassroots change, credit unions can put ideas into action and revolutionize core cooperative principles: people helping a diverse world of people come together for a better life, individually and communally. Check Out More Underground Resources

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Mitchell, Stankovic & Associates is a is a strategic consulting firm specializing in the credit union industry to increase consumer impact, market relevance and modernize business practices from board governance to CEO and leadership transitions. We are trusted advisers and industry thought leaders who believe that making a difference is our highest priority demonstrated by our long-term relationships and stellar reputation.


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