Volt Credit Union President/CEO named to 20 Most Influential Women in Springfield, MO

SPRINGFIELD, MO (August 28, 2019) — Take one look at Loretta Roney’s management style and you will see that she is not your Average CEO. Roney, President and CEO of Volt Credit Union, was recently named one of the 20 Most Influential Women in Springfield, MO by the Springfield Business Journal. Her management style paired with an outside the box vision of what banking should be has brought her to prominence in her community of over 160,000 people.

Roney’s journey to success, started normally until an unexpected twist changed the course of her career forever. Roney received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from Central Methodist College in 2000. From there she entered the banking world. Over the next six years Roney worked as a personal banker at Callaway Bank, she was the Assistant Branch Manager at Missouri Credit Union, and the Branch Manager at U S Bank. During her time at Missouri Credit Union, Roney gained a passion for the Credit Union movement and the not-for-profit financial cooperative structure that came along with it. It was this passion that motivated her to apply for a Branch Manager position at Highway Alliance Credit Union a small SEG (Select Employee Group) based Credit Union with $14 million in assets. Roney was offered the position, and on her first day of work she found out that she was actually the President and CEO, quite an accomplishment at age 28. Although she was shocked, Roney hit the ground running, taking on tasks and responsibilities that she had never had before. “That was a career defining moment for me, “ explains Roney. “I said to myself ok I could possibly get my old job back, or I can really dig in and make this a career defining moment. I could use this opportunity to step forward into growth or backwards into safety.” She chose growth, and that is exactly what Roney and her small Credit Union did, earning accolades for the 5 th largest loan growth portfolio in the State of Missouri in 2013. The Credit Union had grown to nearly $20 million in assets at the time of her departure.

Fast forward to today, where Roney is the President and CEO of Volt Credit Union in Missouri with $65 million in assets. “The experience I gained at Highway Alliance was invaluable to my future success, not only did I learn about the ins and outs of Credit Unions, but I learned how to lead,” says Roney.

Today the CU is flourishing with a new brand and a new headquarters to boot. She has completely uprooted the company culture to a point that her employees are excited to go to work every day. Volt is earning a spot in consumer’s minds through their community involvement and their revolution against banking as usual. “Banking doesn’t have to be boring, and professional doesn’t have to mean suits and ties,” says Roney, “that is why we have cultivated a fun loving atmosphere throughout our headquarters, and I think that is obvious as soon as you walk through the doors.”

Roney along with the 19 other finalists will be honored October 11 th at University Plaza Hotel in Springfield, MO.

About Volt Credit Union

Volt Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative located in Springfield Missouri that serves the following counties: Christian, Dade, Dallas, Greene, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney and Webster. Volt also serves employees from many different Select Employee Groups.


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