Zogo launches 10 new credit union partnerships to deliver financial education during COVID-19

AUSTIN, TX (August 12, 2020) — In just three months, Zogo Finance has launched 10 new partnerships with credit unions across the country to revolutionize financial education and deliver gamified, mobile financial literacy lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new partnerships include:

  • University of Hawai’i Federal Credit Union
  • White Rose Credit Union
  • GOLD Credit Union
  • Old Hickory Credit Union
  • Rio Grande Credit Union
  • West Virginia Central Federal Credit Union
  • Unity One Credit Union
  • Velocity Community Credit Union
  • Element Federal Credit Union
  • BayPort Credit Union

Since launching in November 2019, Zogo’s gamified financial literacy app has garnered over 60,000 users who have collectively completed over 1,000,000 of the app’s bite-sized lessons on intelligently saving, spending and managing their money. As users complete each module, they earn points — in the form of pineapples — that they can redeem for real-life rewards.

“At Zogo, we work every day to inspire the underbanked to become financially savvy.” said CEO Bolun Li.  “To do that, we need to completely revolutionize financial education in our country today. These 10 additional partnerships are a critical part of that essential mission.”

These partnerships come at a pivotal moment, Li said, as students and educators across the country search for new and engaging ways to implement digital learning opportunities.

“Education may look very different than it did eight months ago — but thankfully, financial education doesn’t have to end when in-person classes aren’t in session,” Li said. “Our app allows our Gen Z and Millennial users to complete personal finance lessons while making their morning coffee, waiting in line at the store or even getting ready for bed.”

A newly minted 21-year-old graduate of Duke University, Li founded Zogo during his junior year of college after reflecting on his own poor experience with financial education in high school.

Since its launch, Zogo has formed more than 30 partnerships with credit unions and other financial businesses, including Diamond Credit Union and RelyOn Credit Union.

“Zogo’s continued growth is almost overwhelming,” Li said. ‘“This is a financial literacy movement, and with each day we only gain momentum.”

Bolun Li

About Zogo

Zogo is a financial technology company based in Austin, TX that helps financial institutions educate, engage, and attract young people. Its financial literacy app teaches sound financial fundamentals and rewards users for learning. Zogo’s app has reached numerous milestones, such as in 2021 Zogo topped the app store in April as the No. 1 education app, and launched both our integrated mobile banking product and classroom product. To learn more, visit


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