Pricing considerations in a tight liquidity environment

For many C-Suites, discussions around loan and deposit pricing, and funding strategies are now beyond the short-term band-aid.

Leadership teams are expanding their views to grapple with the inevitable – What may the future hold when our shorter-term funding band-aids peel off?

There is no one answer to this question.  That is why there needs to be diligent focus on thinking through options and modeling potential financial results.  This process enables decision-makers to see, in advance, a range of financial outcomes related to the strategic options they are considering.

As leadership teams work through discussions and financial modeling they typically identify and prioritize their options and the actions they will take.  This advanced thinking helps them better articulate what success looks like as they implement their prioritized options.  If forecasted results don’t come to fruition in the desired timeframe, they are prepared with more options to put into play.


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