Purposeful Talent Development: How to prepare your future managers

New supervisors are typically under-trained for the role. Here are tips on how to help them.

Often high-performing individual contributors are thanked through promotion to a management role—for which they’ve been given no training in how to succeed! Many times, new managers are not offered training in how to be good managers even after they move up.

This is a big deal!

Think about the skills a credit union teller needs: Great member service skills. Knowledge of how to handle various transactions. Good math. Good accuracy. Now think about the skills a teller supervisor needs: Delegation of duties. Conflict resolution. Effective performance appraisal writing. The required skills are not the same at all!

Let’s look at six flips individual contributors need to do to successfully evolve into good managers. And then let’s talk about some key strategies for helping them make these shifts.


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