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‘Tis the season. Yes, it’s that time of year for holiday celebration and reflection of the past 12 months. In 2016 we saw many lists produced of fintech and financial services influencers. How these lists are truly generated, is a mystery to most, including those of us that appeared on some of these lists.

With the above in mind, and with my desire to participate in this so-called sharing economy, I’d like to present you with my own list. Unlike other lists, I use no fancy, schmancy algorithms or Klout scores. I use my own proprietary personal enjoyment score (PPEScore*) and take my list further, by providing a brief rationale for each individual named. These are people whose shares I value, enjoy or learn from, daily. I recommend them to you, without hesitation. Non have fragile egos, yet I must assure you, that they appear in no particular order:

Ron Shevlin – @rshevlin – King of Snark with an uncanny way of peeling back the fintech and finserv onion. Most likely to laugh at your Klout or Net Promoter.

Jim Marous – @jimmarous – Remarkably well connected, quick to share and dialed into the financial marketing and fintech space. Jim. sorry about those Indians!

Bill Sullivan – @WFSULLIVAN3 Another Virginian, he’s on top of fintech news and is a go-to source of content and ideas, on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lisa Kuhn Phillips – @LisaKuhnPhilips  Unique style of writing and a champion of promoting women in the space.

Stessa Cohen – @stessacohen My favorite analyst in the space, never self promoting, always engaging and very bright. Your best bet for an honest Philly Cheesesteak recommendation.

Christopher Danvers – @kingofpayments A credit union guy, he’s always sharing the latest payment news.

Brett King – @brettking Truly, the King.

Chris Skinner – @Chris_Skinner If Shevlin was a Brit, he’d be Chris Skinner. Wit and a dose of snark. A global fintech player.

Spiros Margaris – @SpirosMargaris A king of fintech, blockchain and payment content. Most likely to utilize the space key on a keyboard so his tweets stand out.

Sam Maule – @sammaule All around nice guy that often mixes up his fintech social shares with some praise of Arsenal football.

Alex Jiménez – @RAlexJimenez A guy that understands the role of conversation in social media. Somehow, he ended up in Utah.

John Waupsh – @waupsh He’ll sit on the sidelines and strike when you least expect it. Pretty sure he has mastered the art of social media listening.

Ketharaman – @s_ketharaman  Most likely to thank you for sharing his content. A true gentleman with world views from India. What doe the “S” stand for?

There are literally hundreds of other very worthy fintech and finserv influencers that you should follow. It’s really a remarkable community, if you are willing to participate in it.

Happy Holidays to all.

Bryan Clagett

Bryan Clagett

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