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You’re ready to embark on a big project, like a credit union website redesign, and you want to get started on the right foot. Your website is critical to serving members and attracting new ones, so you need it done correctly and quickly.

After all, a well-designed, mobile-friendly, on-brand website can serve as the cornerstone for all of your digital and traditional marketing efforts. Leverage social media to drive interested consumers over to your credit union’s website or send a direct mailer with a QR code to a product or service promotion on your website. Using the analytics from your website, your credit union can learn more about your members and prospects’ behaviors to further fine-tune your messaging and tactics.

Whether in-house or outsourced, you want the project to go smoothly. Following an established process to ensure a delightful outcome for your members, your team, and your credit union makes project management that much more efficient and effective.

Website redesign preparation

The decision-makers on the project must be committed to actively engaging with each other and the web designer consistently for the best results. Designate a single point of contact from the credit union and funnel all communications through this person to avoid confusion and conflicting direction to your website designer.

Keep in mind, this isn’t just about your credit union’s website but most consumers’ first impressions of your credit union as a whole. Far more people have access to your website than your branch so make sure it is making a good one!

Focus on the credit unions’ brand holistically, and how that might translate to your new, modern website. Your website might be more important than you realize: 81% of loan and mortgage consumers did not have a brand in mind when they performed their web search, according to Invoca. That amounts to a tremendous opportunity for your credit union to earn their respect, trust, and business.

Before any work begins, the team assigned to this project should each identify a handful of websites they really like and share why they like them. Collectively consider why the various sites are appealing and narrow this collection down for the best results that support your members’ needs and your credit union’s business purposes. Bring those examples to the web designer to help them better understand your vision for your credit union’s website.

Jumping into your credit union website redesign

An experienced web design partner will share progress on the site build in stages. This is a critical phase of the design process, requiring everyone’s attention to ensure your credit union website is on the right track. Initially, you’re likely to see the home page and frameworks for other pages.  Dig in and be direct with your feedback, from branding to functionality. Visitors will leave a poorly designed website to find the advice and loans they’re seeking at your competitor. While website designers know the nuts and bolts, your team’s knowledge of your membership is vital to a successful credit union website design. Credit union leaders who are not engaged in the feedback loop on a regular basis can create headaches and aggravation for all involved – leading to a poor outcome on your project.

Buying back your time

In 2023, members will need their credit unions more than last year. Why?

Economic uncertainty.

They will require more of your team’s attention. Meanwhile, your employees are feeling the same way, and they’re already buried in tasks for compliance and data entry.

Rates are changing rapidly, and your members will turn to your website for financial wellness information, which must be kept current now, possibly more than ever. Don’t let your team struggle to update your credit union’s website, too! Take back your time.

With their to-do list growing, one of the most valuable items you can take off your team’s plate – or at least streamline – is adopting a website that’s simple to use. With training and thorough documentation on the most common updates, credit union marketers should be able to manage their sites with ease.

Work with a company that behaves like a true business partner that’s invested in your credit union’s success. In fact, Inspire FCU Vice President Retail Banking Operations Ashley Poller told us recently, “Working with uncommn on our new website has been stress-free and efficient. We feel like we’ve bought our time back.”

First impressions are everything.  Think about the impression your current website is giving your members and potential members. What’s your team’s impression when you stick them with tools that do not help them to succeed at their jobs and best serve members? A redesign of your credit union’s website is a worthwhile investment financially when your credit union’s team also prioritizes the time investment to ensure the best outcome for your credit union and your members.

Contact the author: uncommn.

Contact the author: uncommn.

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