Saving the planet one card at a time

National Recycling Day falls annually on November 15, serving as a reminder about the importance of recycling — and protecting our planet.

Now more than ever, consumers are speaking out with their concern about the environment – with their voices, votes and wallets. Decisions consumers make every day – like recycling plastic, glass and cardboard at home, conserving electricity, turning off the water while we brush our teeth, driving an electric car or trying to eat less meat – may seem like small, individual decisions, yet they demonstrate the groundswell of support toward working for a cleaner environment.

Public demand for action is growing rapidly. According to an analysis by the World Wildlife Fund and The Economist Group, consumers are changing their behaviors and showing greater interest in sustainable goods. Internet searches for sustainable products are increasing by 71%. Social media reflects this trend as well, with the global volume of Twitter conversations about damage to the environment increasing 65%, even during the pandemic.

Consumers of all ages, but especially Millennials and Gen Z, place a high value on choosing organizations and companies that have values that align with their own personal beliefs. Sustainability ranks high on the list of those values.


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