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Enhancing credit union communication and support for our military and veterans

by Defense Credit Union Council (DCUC)
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Credit unions play a vital role in supporting our service members, veterans, and their families when providing financial services and education to these important communities. To best serve these members, credit unions must incorporate effective communication strategies that will lead to a fostered sense of trust and understanding.

Here are some helpful tips to assist credit unions in better communicating and connecting with their local military and veteran members.

Understand their unique needs

Recognize the challenges military personnel and veterans face, such as frequent relocations, deployments, and transitioning to civilian life. Tailor your services to address their financial goals and provide resources for financial education, home loans, and career planning.

Educate your staff

Ensure your employees have a reasonable understanding of military culture, acronyms, and benefits. Include training that educates employees and staff of the unique needs and challenges these communities face, and the importance of fostering empathy and respect in their interactions.

Offer personalized assistance

Provide one-on-one support for military members, veterans, and their families to understand their individual financial goals and develop tailored solutions. This may include offering low-interest loans, fee waivers, or flexible payment options during deployments or financial hardships.

Collaborate with military organizations

Establish partnerships with local military bases, veteran organizations, and support groups to grow your credit union’s understanding of these communities’ needs. Participate in local events and outreach programs to build relationships and enhance your credit union’s visibility.

By implementing these strategies, credit unions can improve their overall communication outcomes when connecting with their local service members, veterans, and their families. Understanding their unique needs, educating staff, providing clear information, offering personalized assistance, and collaborating with military organizations are essential to building trust and establishing long-lasting relationships with these important communities. By effectively communicating and better connecting with our military and veterans, we are continuing to honor the credit union philosophy of fostering financial well-being and prosperity for all.

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