Student credit card considerations: Tips for young adults looking to build credit

There’s a lot to manage as a college student, between classes, homework and a newfound freedom that is as exciting as it can be disorienting. Financial freedom is yet another weight added to your backpack of new responsibilities.

Your credit history may be far down on the list of your current financial priorities, which is understandable. But it’s never too early to start thinking about credit. Whether you’re thinking of taking out a student credit card, a secured card or simply want to understand where your credit stands today, now’s a great time to start focusing on your credit.

As with other aspects of your finances, building good habits early can pay off big time later.  If properly managed and monitored, you can build a healthy credit history while in school, so when you’re out of college, you’ll be better prepared for the next steps in your financial journey. Below are some tips to help you build credit as a young adult in college.

Get a credit card

At age 18, credit opportunities may be delivered to your door in a literal sense. You may balk at credit card applications, worried about the effects they could have on your monthly budget and financial future. That’s a healthy concern. Though, having and using a credit card can be a good way to build a credit history.


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