There’s no place like home to grow your brand

While you can spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to increase brand awareness, your most valuable marketing asset is right in front of you. Employees are the best, but possibly the most overlooked, brand ambassadors for a company. 

An engaged staff performs better and is more likely to be a strong advocate for the credit union. Here are some of the ways to build your brand from the inside out.

Everyone has a voice

Most of your employees have opinions and want to be heard. Create focus groups and launch surveys to harvest those ideas and thoughts. These channels will not only give employees a platform, but the credit union could also gain valuable insight through these conversations. You could start with a brand focus group to gauge initial feelings toward the credit union’s current brand and use that feedback as a baseline when you start building brand advocates within your staff. 

Transparency and Communication

An open line of communication is key to gaining employees’ confidence. Transparency will help increase the trust level with the staff. When employees feel empowered and engaged in their jobs, they become natural brand advocates. Their excitement for their company will be evident into the way they interact with members. Marketing can improve these communication lines with an internal newsletter and a robust intranet for all to share information from the top levels on down. 


Employees are your greatest brand assets so a little recognition can make a big difference. When credit union leadership and managers show gratitude through celebration, employee engagement increases. A more engaged employee will positively tout the financial institution’s brand. Remember, appreciation can come in many ways. Some employees are motivated by money, others want fun outings and some want a day off. Even in today’s environment, a couple of hours off work to play trivia and bingo Zoom games for small prizes and gift cards can go a long way. So be generous in your appreciation because a valued employee will add value to the credit union’s brand. 

Building relationships

Credit unions need to focus on building relationship with not only their members but also their employees. Credit union employees are the reflection of their working environment and the personification of your brand. Creating an engaged culture through strong internal relationships is key to creating brand advocates. Think of marketing to employees like your market to your members by promoting the credit union internally. 

Your credit union employees are the best marketing weapons in your arsenal. Whether they are cross selling your products well or reinforcing that good feeling members get from your brand, these are the people that will carry through the promises of your brand. It will be time well invested for the credit union’s future.

Lori Holmes

Lori Holmes

Lori Holmes is the Vice President of Bellwether Community Credit Union, which has been named Best Company to Work For in New Hampshire for nine straight years. She leads all ... Web: Details