Tips for summertime fun

Make every moment count this season

In a rut? Here are 13 ideas to help make the most of your summer…

You’re ready to take advantage of the warm summer months that feel like freedom — especially after the challenging couple of years that we’ve had. There’s plenty to do in the great outdoors, and many of the activities available just outside your doorstep are practically free.

It’s time to enjoy yourself this summer. Here, we list several ideas on what you and your loved ones can do. Be sure to make your own list and see how much you can do.

Take a hike

Almost 50 percent (46.3 percent) of U.S. citizens hike, bike, or camp in a given year. That’s because more and more people are valuing experiences over material things and they want to get closer to nature. And you don’t have to travel to a national park like Yellowstone to be wowed by the beauty of the outdoors.


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